b a c k 

c u b e 


(n2+(n4-n2)/2)/n = the "magic total" or line sum

"'This unique kind of magic square is the key to my work... I have the task of designing this archway to transmit certain information and to give a certain feeling. Let us call the information and the feeling 'six'." He abstracts from the magic square all the rows and columns which contain a six. He comes out with a kind of number grid, which represents 'six' and nothing else. Then he takes the pen and skillfully joins all the points of the squares of the 'number six grid', forming a kind of net. He overlays several 'number six nets' at different angles to one another, simplifies the design... 'And now, you see, it is a matter of building. I put one net onto another, until the lines grow thick... and, Allah willing, we will end up with the Alhambra Palace!'"

from David Saltman: Decoding Arabic Design

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